Student Lunch Account Frequently Asked Questions:
What happens to money remaining on the lunch account at the end of the school year?
Any money remaining on the lunch account is rolled over to the next school year including if it is a change of buildings.
Can I transfer the balance from one student's account to another?
Neither the Lunch cashier or the online payment system, PaySchoolCentral can not transfer money from one account to another through the site. You may contact the Food Service Department at [email protected] to request the transfer from one account to another.
If I have a question about charges on my child's account, who should I contact?
Questions about your student's account may be answered by contacting your child's lunch cashier at the school.
Hayes = 740-833-1031                   Dempsey = 740-833-1821
Woodward= 740-833-2615             Conger = 740-833-1309
Smith = 740-833-1359                   Carlisle = 740-833-1458
Schultz = 740-833-1417                 OR District Food Service Office = 740-833-1866
What is my child's student ID number?
The student ID number is a unique number that is given to each child within the district. If you do not know this number, you may contact your child's school or the food service office at 741-833-1866.
Is there a fee for using the online payment system PaySchoolCentral?
There is no fee for setting up and account, checking your child's meal transactions or checking account balances. When payments are processed through the site, a small convenience fee is assessed to each transaction.
As a parent, what are the benefits to using PaySchoolCentral for online payments?
There are many benefits to you when you use the online payment system including;
1. Ability to deposit money on your child's account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. Set email reminders to notify you when your child's account gets low.
3. Monitor your student's meal and A' la Carte purchases.
4. Prevent your child from misplacing their money on the way to school.
How long will it take the payment to appear in my child's account?
Payments made online are typically posted the following morning but may take up to two business days to post to the account. Payments made online just before lunch will not be available for that same day due to internet communications with the schools.
Can I be sent a notification when my child's balance gets low?
An email can be sent to you every time your child's balance reaches a certain dollar amount. You can sign up for the low balance email by going to the website and checking the box "Send low Lunch notices" under the My Account tab.
Can I find out what my child is buying in the cafeteria?
You may see a 30 day history of all meal transactions by registering your child online at PaySchoolCentral. Using the this online payment site is free to simply check on your child's balance or see what is purchased in the cafeteria.
My child is graduating this year, what do I do with the money left on the account?
Please contact the Food Service Department at [email protected] or 740-833-1866 to either request a refund or simply have the left over funds transferred to another sibling's lunch account. You may also donate the leftover money to the "children in need" fund by contacting the Food Service Department.