The Debit Card For Lunch Payment
Families have the option to pay in advance through a debit card system to cover meal expenses for a week to several months in advance. Vending machines require cash only for ala carte drinks and snacks. The debit account is not a credit card account and is monitored for low balances.


  • All students are issued a debit card with bar code identification, to be used when passing through the cafeteria service line. The account may be accessed by swiping the debit card through the bar code reader, student ID number (PIN number), or by name search to locate the account information from the cafeteria computer.
  • A school picture will appear on the computer screen for the cashier to identify the student to further ensure the security of a students's account.
  • Any special dietary concerns or restrictions will appear in a special pop up box with the student's account information.
  • Parents can deposit funds into the debit account by check, cash, or on-line payments. If paying by check, please make the check payable to the Delaware City Schools for the exact amount to be deposited. Include your child's name in the memo section of the check.
  • Pre-payment can cover a week or several months of lunches. Ala carte purchases require additional funds.
  • Payment should go to the school cashier. At the elementary level teachers collect lunch money in the morning and send it to the cashier.
  • There is a $3.00 replacement fee for lost or damaged cards.
  • Upon request, parents can receive a printout of their student's account including deposits and purchases. Parents may also print out their student's history of accounting transactions by registering on-line. (See the EzPay link for registering.)
  • The cashier will send home reminder notices when the account is low. A letter will be sent home if the student owes for past due lunches. If payment for over due lunch money is not received on the fourth day, we can not gaurantee your child a meal.
  • Free and reduced lunch applications are available upon request. The application can be accessed on line, at the child's school, or at the central office building at 248 N. Washington St. Students qualifying for free and reduced meals will be issued an identification card identical to the debit card to ensure privacy.